CentOS RedHat 7.x Root Password Reset

Root user is the most powerful user in Linux systems , What if we lost Root Password for any reason and we need to do some troubleshooting or maintenance , you would need root privileges , so you must be able to retain Root Password , Let’s see how to do it ….

01. Reboot Your Linux machine:

Select your boot option and press


02. Add rd.break to the line that start with linux16:

You may add rd.break this near the end or any where, it sill stop kernel from normal booting and put it where we can do our simple job .


Now Press CTRL+X keys to start

03. Remount , chroot , passwd :

The system root is mounted as read-only but we need it as Read/Write before we chroot to it and change root password.

mount -o remount,rw /sysroot
chroot /sysroot
passwd root
touch /.autorelabel

It may take some time as /.autorelabel will force SELinux to correct any labels , please wait till it done.


Now after it finish , system will reboot, use your new Root Password.

That is it , I hope it was simple , Thanks
Enjoy !.

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