Bash syntax overview

What will we learn ?

as any other programming language Bash script have similar structure, let’s take a look:

Variable and Data type:

there is different data type for variable like integer , float numbers, string,Booleans (true, False), … we will know how Bash handle with that.

Conditions and loops:

when we want to repeat some commands (loop) based in a predefined conditions we will use comparison (!=><, and , or,.. ) inside (if , while , for statements, or any combination of them to produce our desired results)
it is logical thinking like (if something is true, then do that, else : do another something )


is a block of code (one or more commands) that combined to do somethings in repeated way, so it is better to define it once and use it many times as we want.

Regular Expressions:

is a search technique in text to get only what we need to display or filter input (like an email should have ID, then @ , then company name, then .extension  )

What after learning  that above individual topics?

we will do tasks, analysis our case, think about writing the code, schedule the script or use whatever the way that could be useful.

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