Kali linux crunch password lists generator

Kali linux crunch password lists generator
kali linux crunch password list generator

If you try to hack by brute forcing attack on password to login, or try to crack passwords hashes, you will need a good password list that fit your situation based on information you gathered about the target.

Linux Firewalld Port-Forward and NAT

In computer networking, port forwarding or port mapping is an application of network address translation (NAT) that redirects a communication request from one address and port number combination to another while the packets are traversing a network gateway, such as a router or firewall.

Linux Firewalld Zones and Services

Zones are pre-constructed rulesets for various trust levels you would likely have for a given location or scenario (e.g. home, public, trusted, etc.). Different zones allow different network services and incoming traffic types while denying everything else. After enabling FirewallD for the first time, Public will be the default zone.

Hide Linux on LAN

Do you want to stay anonymous online, stay safe from ARP poisonong attacks, so you need to hide your machine from others, let’s hide linux on lan. You may have been attacked by someone on your LAN by redirecting or spoofing your connections to his own machine and watch all your packets including http and