CentOS / Red Hat FTP Server

There is more than one package that provide ftp server service but we will use the most secure one as its name says (Very Secure FTP) VSFTP server , let’s go..

01. Install Package:
yum install vsftpd
02. Run services:
 systemctl start vsftpd
 systemctl enable vsftpd
 systemctl status vsftpd
03. Open Port on Firewall :

FTP service listen on TCP port number 21

 firewall-cmd --permanent --add-service=ftp
 firewall-cmd --reload
04. Default path:

default path to store files is: /var/ftp/
users can access any path if they have appropriate permissions
anonymous login allowed by default to /var/ftp but no write permissions

05. Configuration file:

use any preferred text editor to configure required options:

 vim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

# sign is used for commenting , so lines which starts with ( # ) is not readable for configuration or if it is required option the default value will be used

Before each option there is short explanatory about that option , read it.

After making changes, restart the service

systemctl restart vsftpd
06. Test VSFTP:

use any ftp client to connect locally or remotely to ftp server IP or DNS name like ftp or lftp ,..

 lftp localhost
 netstat -tulpn | grep 21

That is it , I hope it was simple to install and run basic ftp server

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